Makelis manufactures industrial equipment for food processing and packaging, supporting the production of high quality and safety of the products provided. Collaborates and represents exclusively in Greece and Cyprus, with a clear commitment to innovation and value, groups of companies in in the food processing industry with an active presence in the market over 60 years.

The range of the machines enables partners to gain a competitive advantage and make the most of the technology offered to them, reducing production costs, improving efficiency.

Has a technology center with specialized engineers where systems and applications are developed, using new technologies and automation for the design and construction of handling systems.

Makelis value comes from the sum, dynamics and ability of its people. Our people make us the best choice for customers around the world. As we work with food processors to transform the way food is processed, we understand more the importance of individual representation and integration into the competitive market environment.


Founded in 2013 by Nikolaos Makelis, as a successor to his father Apostolos Makelis businessman in the food industry, where he manages to transfer the company's presence both in Greece and abroad, expanding to more than eleven countries.



We work in one of the most valuable chains in the world, so even the smallest improvements can add significant benefits. We have a responsibility to the world population and to the planet we all share. We want our every commitment to contribute to society in small and big ways. Every contribution counts.

By helping food processors produce quality food while managing their limited resources responsibly, we help pave the way for sustainable development. We set as a priority, our impact to become greater. In these ways we change the process of food processing.


Our mission is working together as a team, for the design, the individual supply of the equipment and the support that will optimize the production process.


Our vision is a world where it develops competitive and high value solutions with dedication, innovation and united inspired people.