Stretch Film Machine – Galaxy

Traysealer Machine – TSA 540
29 June 2021
Flow Pack Wrapper (HFFS) – FM300
28 June 2021

Stretch Film Machine - Galaxy

Galaxy - Ulma 

Galaxy is an automatic stretch film wrapper for fresh food product packaging in preformed trays. High performance level. Specially developed fo packaging centers.

The machine has been specially developed to meet market sectors that are demanding a great productivity in fresh product packaging with stretchable film. Their incredible possibilities, their easy operation and cleaning make it the perfect machine to work in Packaging Centres. This machine has a robust mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics, which reflect its great reliability and flexibility to deal with a wide range of trays and products.

Construction features
  • Pressure Sealer (additional welding band with package pressuring device)
  • Gravity and motor-driven output belts: on line, 90º and 180º
  • Connection to machine control for device or band synchronism
  • Packaging system with printed film (Galaxy P)
  • Pressure sealer cooler tunnel. A sealing and shrinking system for packing with stretch shrink films
  • Completely automatic or manual programmable operation
  • Double motor-driven coil support with automatic coil changing system
  • Variable pre-stretching and folding according to tray dimensions
  • Programmable film length to minimise film consumption
  • Automatic feeding carriage
  • Programmable speed according to tray / product
  • End of film detection for each coil
  • Error self-diagnose in command panel
  • Centralised greasing
  • PVC, polyethylene, SS and polyolefin film packaging
  • Anticorrosive and easy-to-clean assembly
  • IP 65 protection degree
  • According to EC standards

Available Models

  • Galaxy
  • Super Chik