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13 July 2021
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Super-Chiller™ - Skaginn 3X 

The Skaginn 3X Super-Chiller is designed to increase the durability of fillets by taking them into a subzero state. Fillets in a subzero state (-1°C) are both firm and elastic and provide optimal resistance for further processing. This results in better quality, more product yield, no need for icing when transporting and extended shelf life. The Super-Chiller increases product value and typically pays for itself within 1-2 years, depending on specific production parameters.

The key factor in cooling fillets is the Skaginn 3X TCAD belt (Teflon Coated Aluminum Droplet belt). The combination of belt-contact and blast cooling is essential to bring the fillets into a subzero state in a short time period. 

Super-Chiller fillets are better suited for skinning applications and result in minimum yield loss during skinning, especially for delicate fillets such as haddock. However, conventional skinning machines do not work well with Super-Chiller™ fillets, which is why Skaginn 3X has developed a skinning machine especially designed for skinning Super-Chiller fillets. Skaginn 3X Super-Chiller™ and SubZero skinning machine are designed as complementary units and are usually sold as a pair.

Construction features
  • Super-chilled fillets exhibit a higher level of durability for processing
  • Lower yield loss during skinning and portioning
  • Super-chilling reduces bacterial growth in fillets and increases the shelf life by 1-3 days
  • When used prior to freezing product, the Super-Chiller™ reduces freezing time and energy usage of the freezing process
  • Less ice is required to store super-chilled fish
  • Stainless steel
  • EC certificate
  • More durable fillets
  • Lower performance loss
  • Increased lifespan
  • Reduction of cooling time
  • Reducing the need for ice

Available Models

  • Super-Chiller