Traysealer Machine – TSB 300

Thermoforming Machine – TFS 200
29 June 2021
Traysealer Machine – TSA 540
29 June 2021

Traysealer Machine - TSB 300

TSB 300 - Ulma 

The TSB 300 is a fully automatic tray sealing machine, designed for customers looking for an entry-level automated machine with higher production capacities.

The compact tray sealing machine TSB 300 is designed to pack food products in pre-formed trays. The trays are sealed with tray compatible, heat sealable lid film. Depending on the customer’s requirements, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), vacuum, Skin and Skin protruding can be made.

Trays are automatically transported via rod-bars in the entry conveyor to the sealing station, sealed, gas flushed and then passed to an exit belt. Designed to work with a wide range of tray shapes and sizes, with cut inside or cut outside. The primary function of the TSB 300 is to pack fresh meat, fish and produce with the aim of extending the shelf-life of the product while providing an attractive appearance.

Construction features
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick change of tools
  • Hygienic, stainless steel design
  • Compact design
  • Conveyor belt
  • Possibility of integration into lines
  • Die holder trolley
  • Accumulator table
  • Exit tray convergers
  • Coding and printing systems
  • Metal detectors
  • Sealing area: 300x440 mm
  • Max. tray height: 80 mm. , optional 120/150 mm
  • Die lifting system: Pneumatic
  • Die change: quick and easy change
  • Tray loading area: Enlargement of the loading area optional (1 meter increments)
  • Protection rank: IP 65. Allows direct cleaning
  • Tray exit: Exit ramp by belts
  • Motorized film tension control
  • Control PC integrated on the structure with: - A screen providing access to the machine control parameters, production control, memory containing data
  • Integration vacuum pump (up to 100 m3/h)

Available Models

  • SMART 300
  • SMART 500