Weighers, Graders, weight control Batchers

The benefits of multi-headed weighing machines in the food processing industry are better traceability and quality assurance as they monitor and control batches of fresh meat in real time. The biggest challenge is to eliminate product stickiness and collect data by providing information to optimize processing.

The multi-head weighing machines are equipped with a special feeding and distribution system to ensure the best possible distribution of the incoming products to the hoppers. These hoppers also have a special non-stick surface that ensures the smooth distribution of products in weighing bins. Together, these basic details lead to very precise batches and minimal fuss, while ensuring high performance.

The weighing machines are specially designed for handling fresh meat products, with a special emphasis on precision and high capacity. The built-in software has central production control, leading to optimized processing, higher yields and full traceability for each batch produced.

Information for all batches is collected and stored in the database. With the ability to create reports they can give an idea of ​​the business performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This statistical analysis allows data-driven decisions to be made to optimize the batch.

Remote program management allows real-time control of machine settings directly from the office by controlling the batch of product. The software enables them to be integrated into a complete production line ensuring the observance of hygiene regulations.

High-speed batch machines automatically weigh the raw material in degradations, which are then selectively combined to form the optimal batch weight.

This capability allows these machines to surpass all conventional hopper systems in terms of both speed and accuracy. In addition, the unit is fully automatic from entry to delivery. They offer high volume, fast and accurate lot of fixed weight with minimal lint. Maximum batch size 28 kg Yield up to 12 batches / minute, depending on batch size and product type