Makelis provides a wide range of packaging solutions in food industry, with solutions designed for both the end consumer and the HORECA market. The range of machines it provides can meet every customer’s need.
Thermoforming packaging machines
Tray - Sealing packaging machines
Flow Vac shrink packaging machines
Horizontal Flow Pack (HFFS) packaging machines
Vertical packaging machines (VFFS)
Stretch film packaging machines
Food requires packaging that ensures both quality and extension of its shelf life. Packaging has the central function of keeping the product fresh and providing an attractive presence for the consumer.

The solutions we offer help our partners, through the right equipment selection, improve performance, quality and other critical factors across the entire product value chain. Starting from individual units for specific processes such as traysealer packaging machines, thermoforming, vacuum, stretchfilm, flowpack, flowvac to complete production lines.