Flake ice machines RVH-CO2

The flake ice machines MAJA RVH-CO2 without condensing unit are designed for direct carbon dioxide operation with an R744 multi compressor refrigeration unit, for ecological and sustainable ice production projects.

Ice output 500kg up to 15,200kg/24h

Special features

Hygienic, food-safe ice production

  • Easy access to cleaning relevant parts from all sides without the use of tools
  • Easily removable, round plastic water tank
  • Automatic water pipe rinsing after 24 hours without ice production


  • Optimum energy efficiency and increased power density compared to traditional refrigerants
  • .Electronic expansion valve for optimum evaporation efficiency
  • Eco-friendly flake ice production and excellent ecological impact by using the natural refrigerant
  • Stop valve liquid line and suction line
  • Pressure relief valve with interchangeable valve for maintenance

Easy operation for convenient ice handling

  • Easy operation by Control Panel Touch with timer function for freely programmable production and cleaning cycles (with option MAJA-SCS)
  • Solid machine structure, frame and housing in stainless steel

Additional information