Machine specially designed for continuous cutting using a band saw. The cut could be centered or off-center, cutting: pork rib, pork feet, bones, stumps of turkey or chicken legs, separate the loin rib. The product is automatically cut continuously by means of a conveyor belt that moves it to the cutting area. Depending on the morphology of the product, the conveyor may or may not have pushers. The loading process is manual, it can also be automated with a loading robot, specially designed for each application

Technical specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)
2220 (2300) x 1055 x 1780 ± 40 mm
Max. height (lid open):
2105 ± 40 mm
Unloading height:
1030 ± 40 mm
Unloading height:
40 mm
Length product range:
90 mm – 200 mm

Additional information