Continuous Cutting Machine

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8 July 2021
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6 July 2021

Continuous Cutting Machine

CC-2 - Astech

For the longitudinal cutting of products, Astech has designed the Continuous Cutter CC2. The machine makes a longitudinal cut (centered or uncentered) along a chosen product such as pig's feet, beef legs, knuckles, blocks, etc. 

The CC-2 cutting machine is loaded manually and the continuous cutting is carried out using a bandsaw in a completely safe process.

Construction features
  • Products are guided laterally through the path with a constant cutting speed
  • Automatic guiding of the products to the cutting area which is fully covered and inaccessible to the user during the operation
  • Chassis manufactured with steel tubes 
  • Plates of high thickness
  • Minimizes the vibrations and 
  • Helps to obtain a clean cut
  • Dimensions 2210 mm x 950 mm x h = 1900 mm
  • Max. height (lid open) 2700 mm
  • Unloading height 725 mm ± 40 mm
  • Power 3,6 kW
  • Voltage 400V III 50 Hz
  • Max. height 300 mm
  • Width range 30 mm -200 mm

Available Models

  • CC2